Heart Recovery Package


Special Offer!

For a limited time only I have just 10 spots on this very unique package at an amazing price! – the closing date is 19th Nov at midnight.

I have put together this package for those of you who want to start the new year in a happier, optimistic and joyful place. A place where you aren’t dragged down by all your heartache, grief and loss.

What makes up the package?

11 sessions with me, online or in person

1 session of Homeopathy, look at this as an MOT. I get to know you, your emotional and physical health and get your started on remedies that will support and start the balancing process.


Grief Coaching Program, using my ‘HEART RECOVERY FRAMEWORK’

10 sessions which take you through a structured program designed to help you uncover, and deal with all your grief, losses and all that pain.

This program is educational, it gives you an opportunity to talk about your grief, and allows you to attend to all your losses, it then provides you with an action taking strategy to get complete with your pain, following a very structured framework.

Who is it for?

Anyone who is suffering with grief and loss. Death of loved one, divorce, separation, financial losses, health losses, abuse in all its forms, bullying, redundancy, loss of friendships, miscarriage, not being able to conceive, estrangement and so much more.

These losses can be recent or decades old.

The pain that can come with all of these traumas can be totally devastating and we become stuck.

When grief is left unresolved it can manifest as;

Panic attacks
Disrupted sleep patterns
Self destructive behaviour
Keeping busy with a fear of stopping
Not being able to think about your loss
Constantly thinking about your loss
Repeated chest infections and colds
Pathology in the lungs and bowels
Apathy and numbness, a feeling of being disconnected from the world
Obsessive behaviours

And so much more!

What difference will this program make?

YOU WILL BE EMOTIONALLY FREE! Perhaps for the first time in your life.

After doing this work together you will be free of the pain that your losses have brought you. You will have the tools to deal with your grief and you will understand it so differently.

This work will change your life – honestly. This work will translate into all areas of your life. You will no longer view your world through the filter of your pain and loss.


How Much Does it Cost?

Normally this would cost – £860

The special offer price is £600!!

Thats a saving of £260 for 11 sessions, one to one, with me!!

(Instalment options are available – see here)

You can book here to grab one of the 10 spots for you OR or to book a free call discuss how this will change your life. Remember this offer at this price closes on 19th November at midnight.

You have one life, you deserve to live in joy, I know it’s a big decision, but it’s okay to let go of the pain now, I’ve got you 

With love,

Dipti xxxx