Hay fever and Chest Infections

Hay fever and Chest Infections

I have been a patient of Dipti’s Homeopathy for over 2 years, my main areas for consultation are my hayfever and my skin issues, which I have suffered with since I was a child. Since starting the treatment, I have noticed a major improvement in my skin, and overall health. Her remedies have helped my hayfever symptoms and I honestly feel better than before.
Before I started the treatment, I would suffer with chest infections and colds very easily, and I would need to take antibiotics frequently in order to feel better. Since taking homepathic medications, I haven’t had any chest infections and haven’t suffered with a cold or flu for months.
Dipti is a very friendly person, she has a kind and understanding approach, she makes you feel at ease and is very compassionate about her work.
I continue to see Dipti because I have noticed results in my health and taking natural remedies rather than chemical drugs has had a huge impact on me.
– Gurpreet Nandra