Care For All the Family

Care For All the Family

My son was born with a hole in his urinary tract and subsequently became so poorly that the hospital spoke to me about kidney failure. He did manage to keep both kidneys but his immune system was completely compromised. He then contracted every cough and cold going often resulting in chest infections. Our GP prescribed antibiotics time after time which seemed to make him worse. By the time he was about three I was so desperately worried I looked for an alternative route and thankfully I found Dipti.

The results were amazing, within weeks I has a child who could breathe easily and was sleeping, his appetite had returned and he was truly well for the first time in many months.

I have now been Dipti’s client for about 10 years. She has helped me through many difficult ailments physical and emotional and quite a difficult surgery. One of the biggest improvements I’ve seen is in my eldest son’s hay fever, he is a severe sufferer but by having his annual appointment with Dipti his symptoms are reduced by 70%, no problem is considered too minor or silly and her service, commitment and dedication is outstanding.

I would not hesitate in recommending her.

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