Having homeopathic treatment with me will offer you a fresh approach to dealing with Grief, Loss, Depression, Anxiety and Panic Attacks. All of these can be debilitating – I know, I was there once too.

I know how it feels to:

  • Struggle through the day
  • To have debilitating panic attacks
  • To feel total dread the moment you wake and not be able to get out of bed
  • To be worried all the time, that something bad is about to happen
  • To be irritable and short-tempered and feel out of control
  • To feel extreme sadness and loneliness even when you are surrounded by people
  • To avoid all the simple things you would do without thinking, like getting on the tube or doing a food shop, because they just scare the life out of you
  • To have insomnia or wake through the night and have an anxiety attack
  • To not understand why you feel like this

I can help you make sense of all of this, to recover from this, and move on.

You can read what my clients say here

How do you feel at the moment?

  • Do you wake in the morning with a spring in your step?
  • Do you have the energy and stamina to make time for the fun things in life?
  • Are your relationships happy and fulfilling?
  • What is your physical health like?
  • Do you feel stuck in any area of your life?
  • Do you have everyday health concerns that you keep in check on a daily basis with drugs?
  • Are you suffering with the side effects of something you take daily?

I can help you make the transformation you need.

How I help

You are a person and not a collection of symptoms.

When we first meet for homeopathy, the floor will be yours. This is your safe space to be all of you, without fear of judgement. It’s okay, honestly in my 11 years of practice I’m so used to seeing clients at their most vulnerable.

I get it. It’s SO scary to start dealing with all of your ‘stuff,’ but honestly I can promise you a totally comfortable, confidential and nurturing environment to start getting you back into balance. I want to make things better for you and I can make things better for you. All you have to do is take the first step.

My Homeopathy work will take you from feeling panicked, anxious, not being able to sleep, to being in a more relaxed state of being. You will understand why you feel like this. Together we will work on whatever it is that is causing you to be unwell and out of balance.

What Is Homeopathy & What Does it Help?

Homeopathy is a powerful and tottaly natural form of medicine. It is an individualised and bespoke way of rebalancing your body.  It can help with all manner of ailments including low immunity, hormonal issues, depression, grief, anxiety, insomnia, digestive issues, eczema and other skin complaints, low mood, sleep issues, low energy amongst other things.

If you are suffering with any of these things, then Homeopathy can help.


What happens next

When we start working  together, to help get you on the road to recovery I can use;

  • Homeopathy & Homeobotanicals ( wild crafted organic herbs)
  • 10 Session Life Coaching Package
  • Grief Coaching Program (10 sessions)

(All three of these are separate services)

This will also involve looking at your diet and lifestyle and giving you a personalised treatment plan. I will offer you a drug free, side effect free solution. I will help you make sense of whats going on, honestly it’s ok – I’ve got you.

Homeopathy Prices

First Consultation £130    Follow up £90


I am open to doing one off sessions however, this work is layered and my clients get the most from their work with me when they commit to a package. That way we have the continuity which is required to start to unpeel the layers and get to the core of whatever the issue is. If you want to come straight into this work on a discounted package, I offer:

Four 60 min Sessions: £290

Six 60 min sessions: £450

Email me on dipti@diptisolanki.com to book those.  You will also receive support in between sessions if needed.



Discover more about what happens at a homeopathy visit.


I am confident you will find the process of working with me an empowering and dynamic one!


I can see you in person at my clinic in The Shrubberies in South Woodford, and we can also work online (via zoom or Skype) or phone appointments.

You can book your appointment here.

This link will take you to my online calendar, you just need to choose how you would like to work with me and the date and time. You will then receive a confirmation by  email. If you have any problems with this please email me on dipti@diptisolanki.com