You have been through so very much. You have come through the other side. Things are really looking okay now.

So, why do you feel STUCK?


We remain stuck

Unable to truly make any REAL progress!
You see, we experience so much in life, trauma, loss, grief, heartbreak, betrayal and so many other forms of loss; and yes we come through it, yes we survive! However, unless we take the RIGHT actions we very rarely THRIVE.
The missing link is you’ve never been given the right information or the correct tools to enable you to TRULY heal from what happened.
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You KNOW your physical and emotional
health is really suffering.

You KNOW the success you really want is
eluding you because you keep going around
in circles.

It’s maddening. It’s frustrating. It’s really, really painful.

The missing link is you’ve never been given the right information or the correct tools to enable you to TRULY heal from what happened.

Have you ever stopped to wonder who you would be if ‘it’ had never happened? Who you would be and what you would believe you were capable of? How would you move? The success you’d enjoy and the magic you would bring to the world?

Just take a second and imagine that magic. Feel into it.

That magic is inside of you, but your unresolved past and your hidden pain stops it from rising.

You keep looking for quick fixes. You keep trying to push through hoping this time it will be different. You try to keep yourself from thinking about what happened. But each time, no matter how hard you try you keep on falling into the same old destructive, painful behaviours.

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I’m ready to get back to health. I am ready to heal.

Have you had ENOUGH?

Are you ready to drop the quick fixes and commit to something that will completely change your life?

Are you ready? I mean really READY at your core to feel healed, empowered and ready to let it all go?


Well then welcome!

I’m Dipti Solanki. I help women heal from any type of trauma, grief and loss that is holding them back from the amazing lives they really want and deserve! I help women like you heal, thrive and live fearlessly

Life starts off so very simply & then we start to accumulate all of those losses that affect our behaviour and eventually all of that grief that starts to weigh us down from such a young age.  It sits there, silently building, layer after layer and most times we don’t even notice it because we don’t know any different.

Is it your time to heal?

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This Work Saved My Life

Life taught me about grief at a very early age, and as a result most of my late teens and early 20’s were spent suffering with debilitating anxiety, depression and so many destructive behaviours.

The integrated power of homeopathy and grief coaching meant not only did I truly heal but that I have gone on to live a BIG life, the beautiful life I wanted and I want this for you too!

When you are no longer held captive by your past or crippled with fear about the future you can really step into the person that you truly are.

I know this isn’t how you’d imagined life would turn out to be, but you have the opportunity to change it all. This starts with healing your past, releasing everything that no longer serves you and stepping into that version of yourself you’ve always dreamed of. I’d be privileged to walk alongside you on that journey.