A fresh approach to dealing with grief, depression, anxiety and panic attacks.

All of these can be debilitating — I know, I was there once too. My personal, customised plans can help you to be well, happy purposeful and energetic again and become the best version of you!

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I’m Dipti, qualified Homeopath, Grief Coach, Life Coach,  Lecturer and Mental health and Grief Speaker.

My journey with Homeopathy started at the age of 17. Firstly as a patient, then as a student and over the last eleven years, as a practitioner.

I have built on my practice by training as a Grief Coach and Life Coach because of a growing need I recognised in my clients.

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I first spoke to Dipti about a year ago after my son had been diagnosed with Crohn’s. 
I was at a low point in my life having been through difficult times in the past.
I felt lonely, lost and distraught at my son’s chronic condition. I didn’t know what or who to turn to, the medical profession had let me down in the past.
So I looked to alternatives in particular homeopathy as I had heard a lot about it although I had never tried it, much to the dismay of my son’s gastroenterologist who advised against it and I found Dipti.
From the very first time I spoke to her, I found her to be kind and compassionate. She listened, she heard and she advised. I felt at ease and comfortable talking to her and I knew then that I had found the right therapist and we embarked on what was to became an incredible journey.
My son has been seeing Dipti for about six months now and his symptoms have improved tremendously with her help. He will continue to see her.  
Dipti has provided us with tremendous support and is always on hand to help.
I cannot recommend her highly enough. She is truly brilliant.
Mrs H.F.
Grief Coaching

I have visited Dipti  for many different problems over the years, and I have had excellent results using homeopathic remedies. She recently suggested to me that I would benefit from her Grief Coaching course, having come out of a very painful separation a marriage of 27years. So we embarked on this journey, Dipti gently supported me through the process. During the process I experienced many emotions, from sadness, laughter, disappointment. Together she helped me face many events and memories that i had tucked away, buried, forgotten so I thought. My head was full, and there wasn’t any room left, I couldn’t see a way forward. She has taught me how to de-clutter, have a spring clean of the chaos in my head.

How do I feel now? This is the best part. I feel lighter, I can now see more clearly, I feel excited for the future, I didn’t release how much of the unfinished business was holding me back. I am finding me again. I now have room in my head to think, be happy, yes I now feel very happy content in my own skin.  Thank you Dipti, you have helped me so much, you are a very special person with a big heart.

Hay fever and Chest Infections

I have been a patient of Dipti’s Homeopathy for over 2 years, my main areas for consultation are my hayfever and my skin issues, which I have suffered with since I was a child. Since starting the treatment, I have noticed a major improvement in my skin, and overall health. Her remedies have helped my hayfever symptoms and I honestly feel better than before.
Before I started the treatment, I would suffer with chest infections and colds very easily, and I would need to take antibiotics frequently in order to feel better. Since taking homepathic medications, I haven’t had any chest infections and haven’t suffered with a cold or flu for months.
Dipti is a very friendly person, she has a kind and understanding approach, she makes you feel at ease and is very compassionate about her work.
I continue to see Dipti because I have noticed results in my health and taking natural remedies rather than chemical drugs has had a huge impact on me.
– Gurpreet Nandra

Hay fever and Chest Infections

Treating Fibromyalgia

l have been seeing Dipti for nearly a year now for the treatment of fibromyalgia. When I first saw Dipti I had just agreed to return to work after 3 months off sick. I had neck problems & was struggling with pain, dizziness and extreme exhaustion and also had anxiety as a result of being housebound for a long time and I could barely make the journey to work, let alone manage a day’s work.


Treating Fibromyalgia