I’m Dipti Solanki

I help people heal their hearts. Hearts that have been broken, hearts that have lost faith, hearts that are carrying so many scars from the past that they feel like everything is just too much and it’s all on a downward spiral.

Unresolved grief, loss and trauma can really stand in the way of who we are, our joy and our potential. It blocks the success we really desire. Success in health, business, relationships and in life generally.

I am a qualified Grief & Emotional Recovery Coach, Homeopath, Speaker & Cockerpoo lover!

I have been immersed in this work for over 13 years & I LOVE what I do. My biggest passion is to help people heal through practical coaching methods, homeopathy and my secret super power of holding space.

I live in London with my husband (aka the love of my life), our two football mad grown up boys and our super bouncy cockerpoo Zeph! We are just at the end of the Central line and a stones throw away from the magnificent Epping forest, I am infinitely grateful to have the best of both worlds.

When I’m not working I love cooking up a storm in the kitchen with my son, walking and discovering new architecture, meditating and curling up with a good book.

My Story

At the age of 13 my life took a tragic turn and I lost my Mum to medical negligence & by the time I was 22, despite achieving so much outer success (degree holder, married and a researcher in parliament) I was a wreck inside.

I was debilitated by anxiety, depression, bulimia & self-sabotage, and kept being encouraged to take Valium and anti – depressants by well-meaning medics.

But I had an inner knowing, I had also witnessed what drugs had done to my mother, there had to be another way.

Yes I was frightened but I was not broken…I did not need to numb….I needed to HEAL.

I was carrying so many layers of grief and unresolved loss and some of it was generational. I had tried so many other healing modalities, reiki, traditional grief counselling, hypnotherapy and so much more, but nothing seemed to be helping. My GP couldn’t help me beyond offering prescriptions and the assurance that everyone goes through this and these pills will make it better.

But I knew there had to be another way.

It was the integrated magic of homeopathy & grief coaching which helped me to heal at my core, my anxiety and depression wasn’t the problem as they were just the symptoms. It was in healing the unresolved grief & heartbreak that I found my freedom, my joy and ability to live a life beyond anything I could ever have imagined. Now, all these years later this is how I help others all over the world.

We all have the innate power to heal ourselves and not be defined by our past, we just need to know how!

If you recognise yourself in any of this then I hope this gives you hope. The hope that whatever you have been through, it is entirely possible for you to truly heal from what happened and move through it. If this speaks to your heart & you know you are truly ready to take the steps to heal and create a different reality for yourself then I am waiting for you.

I know it feels big.
I know it can feel scary.

However, I also know the power that lies within you, with the right information and with heart led guidance I know how brightly you can shine once again.


“Some of us think that holding on makes us strong but sometimes it is letting go”

Herman Hesse


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