Grief Coaching

Question: What are you grieving?

The most common response, “Nothing! I don’t have any grief, no one has died!”

Is this what you’d say?

“Some of us think that holding on makes us strong but sometimes it is letting go”
Herman Hesse

This is the biggest misconception about grief; that it only rises when someone dies.

No, no. no.

There are over 70 different types of losses that can give rise to gut wrenching, heart breaking and life changing thing called grief.

Divorce, Parental wounds, Abandonment, Seperation, Infertility, Financial loss, Redundancy, Death, Abuse in all of it’s forms, Estrangement from family and so much more.

Your grief, your losses & your trauma they are all standing in the way of the life you truly want to live and the success you really desire.

Your grief makes you stay small, self sabotage, hide, believe untruths about the world & yourself and keeps you stil, stuck and frustrated. Stuck in destructive patternsthat make you believing that this is it, that you will always feel this way, that you have to just push through and hope that somehow one day you will wake up and time will have made it all better.

You keep waiting, and waiting, but that day just doesn’t come.

Instead you stay in pain, you start to lose faith, you don’t recognise yourself anymore and you just don’t know what to do for the best. You may even have all the outward success you wanted but you just don’t FEEL right. You can’t access your joy, your feelings of REAL happiness, in fact you’d go as far as to say on some days you even feel numb.

Life feels like it’s lost its magic and you’ve definitely lost your sparkle. Your sense of wonder, adventure, spontaneity all gone. Instead you’ve built walls around you and your heart, to keep you safe, to keep others from hurting you and to keep your heart from being vulnerable and broken again.

You have the power to heal yourself. You can empower yourself to be exactly who it was you were supposed to be and shine your light brighter than ever!

You just need to know HOW!

Allow me to take you on that journey.

Your unresolved grief, pain & trauma is standing in the way of the life you really want!

I know you desperately want to understand your emotions, speak your truth and live a joyful, loving and purposeful life – without spending years in therapy or wasting money on quick fixes that don’t work.

You’ve tried everything. Read self help books, been to retreats, done meditations, talk therapy, but nothing has been able to get you unstuck.

I know you’ve had enough of the anxiety, the depression, the insomnia, the mistrust, the explosive anger, the reactionary & self destructive behaviour; and everything else that comes with it!

And all the while you just want to live the life you know you were meant to be living.

I understand and I KNOW how frustrating it can be, this was once me too.

But this doesn’t have to keep being you! You are still reading because perhaps there’s a part of you that knows that now is the time to get to the root of your struggles so you can finally THRIVE!

Where you are right now is exhausting and so painful.

If you have had ENOUGH then this is for you.

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You are why I created the RECOVER program. I created it for you because I understand your suffering & I know how to help you release it.

Everything you’ve ever dreamed of is available to you on the other side of your healing.

If this has awoken the warrior in you, that woman that you know who is still in there, and you are ready to claim back your life then come and join me on a transformative journey to RECOVER.

Clients who have worked through the Recover program have experienced powerful results including:

  • Moving from abusive & destructive relationships to harmonious and loving ones
    with friends, family, partners & colleagues
  • Finding the love of their life
  • Attracting promotions & a new level of financial wealth
  • Losing weight they have just not been able to shift
  • Healing from low mood and anxiety & finally being able to understand their
    emotional reactions
  • Finding a better, happier & more loving version of themselves
  • Breaking free from sabotaging patterns with money, food, relationships to true
    self care, self love in every area of their life

And so much more!
This is all available to you too.

IT IS Possible for you to move through it all

Come and join me on a journey to heal your heart, claim back your life and live with the emotional freedom and all the success you truly deserve!

“When I first met Dipti I was stuck in terrible grief, hurt and disbelief. Previous counselling with another practitioner had been disastrous so I was somewhat sceptical that Dipti’s technique and framework would be effective but, hand on heart, it has transformed my life. I will be forever grateful.”



1:1 (3 Months)
Group (10 Weeks)

A three month journey of healing using my tried and tested Heart Recovery Framework®

Self Study Heart Recovery

A step by step self study course to help you heal from any type of loss.


A beautiful journey to help you uncover, make sense of and begin to heal the grief that holds you back. The grief that holds you back from the success, inner peace and happiness you really desire.

You are powerful, you are beautiful, you are brave and you can do ANYTHING!

You just need to know how to release, heal & thrive