Grief Coaching



Are you stuck? Stuck in grief, depression, loss and bereavement?

Is the pain holding you back from living your happiest and productive life?

It’s okay, I can help.

Have you gone through or are still going through any of the things listed below and just don’t know how to deal with the pain?

  • Death of a loved one
  • Emotional or sexual abuse
  • Divorce
  • End of a romantic relationship
  • Illness
  • Difficult relationships with family members


It’s okay, I understand and I can help.


I offer a unique Grief Coaching program which will teach you how to deal with grief.  The reasons behind your pain and loss are carefully uncovered in a unique process to help you get complete with your loss and pain allowing you to live a happier life.


Here is a testimonial from a recent client who has just gone through this process and experienced a profound transformation – I couldn’t be happier for her!

I have visited Dipti  for many different problems over the years, and I have had excellent results using homeopathic remedies. She recently suggested to me that I would benefit from her Grief Coaching Program as I was stuck, having come out of a very painful separation a marriage of 27 years. So we embarked on this journey, Dipti gently supported me through the process. During the process I experienced many emotions, from sadness, laughter, disappointment. Together she helped me face many events and memories that I had tucked away, buried, forgotten so I thought. My head was full, and there wasn’t any room left, I couldn’t see a way forward. She has taught me how to de-clutter, have a spring clean of the chaos in my head.

How do I feel now? This is the best part. I feel lighter, I can now see more clearly, I feel excited for the future, I didn’t release how much of the unfinished business was holding me back. I am finding me again. I now have room in my head to think, be happy, yes I now feel very happy content in my own skin.  Thank you Dipti, you have helped me so much, you are a very special person with a big heart.