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Working with Dipti has been like switching a light on after stumbling around in the dark for so long. I always knew I’d had many struggles in life but didn’t connect the emptiness I felt to grief. Dipti has taught me its ok to feel, to sit in the quiet and not be ashamed of the tears that flow – I now welcome the emotions rather than block them. It’s not easy to do this work, bringing up years of trauma can be painful and scary and raw. But Dipti has made me feel safe, and accepted, and ready to release a lot of emotion that has been suppressed for over 30 years. I am learning to accept – no, LOVE – myself, learning how to set boundaries and know I’m on the path to discovering who I really am. Or work hasn’t finished yet, but the changes I’ve seen already are immense. I’ll be continuing working with Dipti in one capacity or another for a long time to come. I don’t trust easily, but trust Dipti. Her work is magic.
Jen Miller

When I first met Dipti I was stuck in terrible grief, hurt and disbelief. Previous counselling with another practitioner had been disastrous so I was somewhat sceptical that Dipti’s technique and framework would be effective but, hand on heart, it has transformed my life. I will be forever grateful.

So I went to see Dipti for homeopathy for a funk I was in, mainly due to hot sweats presenting themselves, thinking it was just my Peri Menopause. 

I had recently started dating again after a few years single and found myself being hugely triggered by some deep past issues. So now I feel the hot sweats were an anxiety reaction too.

I had already been on my inner healing journey for some time and done some deep work and come a long way, but I was shocked by the depth of my emotions and turmoil I found myself in!

During my first homeopathy visit, grief was mentioned and about me being stuck in it and in that moment it all made sense!! I had made the connection I needed and knew I had to work with her, it’s not always easy for me to trust my own intuition at times let alone someone else but the feeling was so strong I just knew!!

The process was slow and gentle, laying out the foundations for the work.
It’s a very simple yet profound way of really being able to look back at my lifes events, some, well alot, that I hadn’t even thought of or connected to grief, to loss. And just this awareness in itself has been a huge release for me.

Its enabled me to go back to events, traumas, losses and make the connections I needed, to be able to fully tune into my heart and with my emotions, and all that stuck energy inside me still.

I already knew that when emotions are trapped in the body they cause harm and effects, Dipti and this process has helped to reaffirm this for me and I needed that, it’s a huge relief when you meet someone that feels what you feel, enables me to trust in myself more.

I again was really shocked by how much I was still holding onto and carrying, so much I still hadn’t processed and felt!!

Although I deeply feel, I am someone that has been caught up in my head with things, knowing the reasons as to why, having the understanding, which yeah is great but it’s in my heart is where I need to be, to feel, and know it’s ok to really do that fully!! Dipti helped me understand why I was in my head and always guided me back to my feelings. 

At times it’s scary coz I feel so deeply but I felt very held, heard and safe. Enabling me to trust in her, myself and this process (even if at times, still now, I try fight against that, just old stuff)
I have never fully opened up to anyone like I have with her and this really shows the depth of character, of love and trust she gives. This in itself has been massive for me.
Never judged, always loved, shes been a real source of light and healing.

It can seen very overwhelming and daunting going back, opening up, but it does feel very precise, thorough and complete, line no stone will be left unturned (you have to put the work in though) and theres stones along the way you didnt even know about but that all helps with more release, the rewards are so worth it!!

This work and Dipti give me so much hope to really be able to feel and heal myself. Within just a few months into it, I feel calmer, lighter, stronger and more settled in myself. If I look back to the emotions I found myself in at the start to now I’m like wow!!
No longer waking with that dread feeling in the pit of my core either!!

I have lots of new awareness and tools to be able to help myself, to be able to keep going through this work to really feel what’s needed and let it go.

More empowered and confident to do the work myself, to feel,  and eith the knowing that I am fully supported by Dipti too.

What a ride hey!!! ❤🙏🙌

I have done a lot of work in the past to address my childhood trauma, but this programme really allowed for a big shift. The programme started with understanding grief and how it impacts every element of our life and our current behaviours and relationships. It then gave us the tools to take action. Since doing the programme, I feel much more comfortable sitting with my feelings and emotions, which previously I have suppressed. I feel lighter and less anxious and I have a great awareness for my actions. Dipti provided a safe space and a programme that move at a gentle pace to allow for real healing.

I was going through a particularly challenging time in my life and could feel crippling anxiety creeping back into my life.  That tightening of the chest feeling. Like you can’t breathe, hot and cold sweats, feeling of panic, nausea, failure and doom and gloom.  This has happened to me a couple of other times in my life, often when there is a flurry of upsetting, stressful and sad circumstances.  This was classic ‘me’ but I did not want this to be my story anymore.  I had counselling in the past when I had these episodes which definitely helped me resolve the situation at hand but I don’t want it to happen any more. I don’t want to be in this cycle.  

I saw the advert for Dipti’s offer on the grief programme but I was not sure it was right for me. I had just lost a very good friend but there were other issues and stresses I wanted to address. However, when I read about the programme and spoke with Dipti the programme is much wider than that and grief is such a good explanation of what so many of us feel at challenging times in our lives. Grief is about loss in the widest sense, loss of relationships, loss of self, identity, our past, of happier times. 

Through Dipti’s techniques, personalised remedies, sessions and things to take away and consider I feel like I have started to get the root issues. This will help me unlock the cycle I am in. I am not even half way through the course yet but I feel like I have turned a corner and most importantly I feel like I have hope for the future. 

Dipti, I think you are absolutely amazing. I thought that before but now I am filled with total and utter gratitude, relief and inspiration – which is all down to you.

Heart work is hard work.

I have just finished a week of intensive personal work with Grief Coach Dipti Solanki.  I have known Dipti now for over 10 years, as a therapist and also a friend from a distance. I can now say that this woman is my heart with ears. She has been the heart that listens, understands, and she has uncovered layers from my past which have shaped my future. The fears, regrets, and heartaches which I had previously minimised, and traumas gone unnoticed are now seen and my grief heard. I did not know how many mini griefs and events from my past had shaped how I behave in the world, in my own heart and in my mind. We all just get on with it don’t we! People who know me say “I thought she has it all sorted”. Well, I don’t! Do any of us?

I look at my time over the last 5 days with Dipti and am so grateful to have begun this work. And that’s the point – it is work. We don’t just sit there talking for an hour and then wait until the next session. I had homework! And it works! I now have the tools to apply this work to any future grief, losses, traumas or even slight pains I might experience in the queue at the Tesco checkout going forward 😉

I am deeply excited to share our Heart Recovery Retreats because it is so needed. This feels like the most special retreat I’ve ever been able to offer. If you are even half-considering joining, then consider again and contact me to book because you will not regret it and your heart needs it. The Program opened up a lot for me and I was lucky to be able to experience it over an intensive 5 days which meant I saw extremely fast progress and processing. I’m tired but I have a huge understanding of what makes me me, and what is not me but has been carried with me since childhood. Thank you Dipti for sharing this work and supporting me, but also for showing me how I can do it for myself.

When a Thank you just isn’t enough …..
As someone who is a natural worrier and has always managed mild anxiety over the years but always been in control of my life and symptoms it took the sudden death of my mother  to send me very quickly in to a very scary place . Anxious, scared and in a complete state of panic and indescribable   fear that for the first time I could not find a way out for myself – I felt helpless , scared with extreme and frequent panic attacks  . 

I knew I needed some professional help and I wanted more than a 10 minute GP appointment and I certainly didn’t want any medication.

I was fortunate to have discovered dipti and her work a couple of years earlier .
I knew that she was the right person to help although if I’m honest I was feeling so low  I didn’t now how. 

In what felt like a Scary and lonely world with symptoms that I was embarrassed to have Dipti  Immediately understood . diptis approach was calm , friendly and reassuring none of my symptoms phased  or surprise her,  nor did I feel embarrassed or judged in any way.

After my first session Dipti gave me some fantastic herbal remedies to help manage my physical symptoms alongside the heartbreak recovery program .

I can honestly say that I cannot believe how quickly the remedies and sessions changed how I was feeling . 

My work with Dipti is ongoing and I honestly can not  thank her enough for holding my hand and supporting me through one of the toughest years of my life .

I am 4 sessions into my grief work and the approach is very gentle and informative, its helped me to see alot of things differently and how i didnt realise i was still stuck in my past feelings so much. I have done some self help therapies and counselling and am aware but feel this is very different approach because its getting me to look at all my losses in life and feel what i need to feel, knowing all of my feelings are welcomed and matter. To be given tools to become more self aware and to help myself work through my feelings. I am now just starting to delve deeper and although this does feel somewhat daunting, i feel completely held, heard and supported and am rather keen to be able to feel some resolution with my hurt and pain. I feel at ease and safe to share my story with Dipti and feel she has a real understanding and empathy towards me, which allows me to be as open and honest as i need to be, to be able to work through my stuff.  I have a real sense of hope and faith in this work and in Dipti and am intrigued to see where these sessions take me.

Dipti has seriously been a god send.. I’ve been attending her online group meeting for grief and loss for the past 5 weeks now and with her guidance and the other participants contribution to the whole process I’ve learnt to confront my past and make sure my future is a better one and knowing how to deal with any grief along the way in a positive way.. If anyone is going through any kind of loss, big or small Dipti is definitely the one to help you.
I have worked with Dipti over the last few months, she has helped me recover tremendously following the loss of my mother. I was amazed how quickly I was able to open up to Dipti and how much deep personal stuff surfaced.. Dipti has enabled me me to recognise that I need to address certain issues instead of continuing to push them deeper into my vessel. I didn’t realise/recognise how stuck I have been in loss and grief . I am so pleased I came across Dipti and wish I had found her sooner. Dipti really knows her stuff and has a warm friendly approach that makes it so easy to talk to her. A beautiful lady inside and out.

I had been looking for someone who could help me release and heal some things that kept returning even after I would use my tried and tested tools. And some of them simply felt too big to work my way through them alone. Facing them was scarier and more painful than just ignoring them. But as a healer myself I knew I had to address them eventually, that these were things holding me back. Maybe she was the one who could hold the space for me to face them?
I booked in for a call with her. 

Her calm presence and her kind voice and the way I felt being with her – heard, understood, witnessed – convinced me: she was the one I had been looking for.
So mid June we started our grief work together. I was so impressed by the thought, knowledge and structure of her method that she combined with her incredible ability to bring up the most painful memories that we all hide in tightly closed pockets of our heart and mind, so we don’t have to deal with them. As someone who had done a lot of healing work before I was prepared to go deep and do the work.
At the same time I wasn’t prepared for all the things our conversations and the exercises she gave me would bring to the surface – and the impact long gone experiences still had on me in the present moment.
Through our work I not only dealt with suppressed trauma and grief I didn’t realise I was holding, I found a new awareness and appreciation for my life and the people in it. 

Last month – after 12 sessions together – we finished our grief work.
Originally we had planned to have a session a week, in reality, with both of us juggling work trips and children, it took us almost five month. I never felt rushed to complete one of the assignments or continue before I had processed the last section we worked on. Dipti regularly checked in with me over messages and kept reminding me to be patient and kind with myself. She was by my side when I dealt with the news of my surprise pregnancy – guiding me through the process of grieving the plans I had made for the rest of the year and through the storm of emotions that came with this.
So how do I feel after having experienced Dipti’s flavour of magic in depth? Free. Undefined. Able to choose and be whoever I am and want to be in every moment.

To an extend I never felt before. Over the last decade, or rather over the last 15 years I have let go of many rules I had created for myself in my childhood, and then, as a result of that work, redefined myself.
Never though have I cleaned up my inner emotional landscape as thoroughly in one big go as I did with Dipti.
Was it hard? Yes it was. I cried, sometimes for days, flushing out the pain we uncovered. I procrastinated on my assignments, pushing them to the last minute. I did rituals alongside of our work, supporting myself in this process of constant release and detachment. It would have been very easy to search for a scapegoat and blame Dipti for how crappy I was feeling while we flushed out any remaining crap stuck in my system. To stop trusting her and her process and abandon our work in favour of staying comfortable. And I’m proud that I didn’t.
Because as unfamiliar and scary this feeling of floating is…the lack of labels and triggers and automatic responses…it’s delicious and sweet and a new way of being. And I’m looking forward to the day I have integrated all we worked on. I know now what tools to reach for when I spot another old pocket of pain or a fresh wound, a new hurt that just occurred and I know where to go if it’s too much to deal with by myself. Dipti showed me that I’m strong enough to deal with it all. And for that I will be grateful, forever. Thank you!
If you are ready, and I mean really ready, to let go of your grief and heal the heartbreak that occurred in your life, if you are looking for someone who will hold the space for anything – the death of a loved one, a miscarriage (or several), the loss of a job or the end of a relationship – so you can feel free to chose who you are and how you react I recommend to check out Dipti and her work.

And if you will see me in the future, talking about traumatic experiences and deeply hurtful things freely and without hidden pain in my voice know that Dipti and the work we did were the key to get there.

I know she is offering 1:1 and an upcoming group program as well as a retreat at the start of next year. Explore her offerings and see if her work speaks to you. Working with her was one of the best decisions I ever made in my life!

Dipti is the most professional, caring and compassionate person I have ever met. I have visited her for many different reasons in the past and recently took my 6 year old daughter who was suffering from anxiety and trouble sleeping at night.

Dipti put my daughter at ease straight away, her calm and understanding nature helped my daughter relax and be very open with her. The homeopathic treatment Dipti recommended has helped my daughter immensely…I really cannot thank you enough!!

I have always recommended Dipti and will continue to do so, she is highly experienced and qualified in everything she does and does it with so much love and compassion. Thank you so much Dipti
Zakiya Ali

I have seen Dipti on a number of occasions, and have experience great results using the remedies. During our consultation she has always shown me patience and kindness listening to my problems. I have recently finished the grief and loss course she gently supported me through the sessions. I now feel able to cope and look forward to the future free of anxiety. Thank you Dipti I can’t thank you enough you have given me my life back.
Maureen Cox

I have been seeing Dipti for lots of things over the last 10 year’s, I am always filled with confidence when I walk into her surgery that she will listen to me and treat me with kindness. I have always had success with the remedies, last year Dipti gently supported me through her grief and loss course, which has been life changing. I now feel free, no longer trapped in the hole of grief. I can’t thank her enough, I am now enjoying finding me again. Thank you Dipti.
Jayne Ellis

I have seen Dipti a couple of times now.

The first time I felt like Dipti saved me and the second time she gave me the permission to relax.

Dipti listened to everything that was going on inside and outside and gave me excellent advice on what remedies would best serve me.

I love taking these remedies and it feels so good to know that I am doing something great and natural for my health.

I can feel the improvement and am now converted to homeopathic remedies. I will recommend these to loved ones too.

I have also attended a retreat ran by Dipti and her colleague.

That Sunday a month or two ago I travelled to London and had the best 4 hours. Yin yoga, an inspiring talk (that will stay with me forever and has already made a positive impact on my life), followed by more yoga and meditation and if that was not enough a home made delicious vegetarian lunch made by the talented and beautiful Dipti Solanki shared with all the lovely ladies that attended.

There was home made chocolate that I just about managed to resist and beautiful little presents for us when we arrived too.
The music was beautiful and we did not even have to bring mats, blankets etc as was all laid out beautifully for when we arrived at the lovely venue.

It was a wonderful treat. So many ladies do not give themselves permission to relax and this retreat will help you learn the importance on your health to learn to relax.

Gorgeous venue, ladies and food. Highly recommend Dipti Solanki, Homeopathy & Coaching and Jane. They are a dream team.

I am excited to be on this journey and am so glad I have Dipti who I 100% trust to prescribe the best homeopathic remedies for me.
Tina Cleary

Dipti is also loving, warm and a great energy to be around.

I can highly recommend Dipti. She is very knowledgeable on the subject of homeopathy. She is also a very kind, caring person.
David Fishman

My daughter and I are both keen to use homeopathic medicine and incorporate it, when needed into our daily lives.

We have found Dipti to be very professional, understanding and knowledgable Practitioner. She is often my first point of call with tackling any type of physical or emotional ailment.

My now teenage daughter welcomes and embraces homeopathy, she is totally anti about taking allopathic medicine.

For our family Dipti’s homeopathy is welcomed all the time, and come highly recommended.
Jay Rhughani

I have seen Dipti for my son’s food allergies and ezcema and have also done her heart recovery programme and would highly recommend her for both. In relation to the ezcema, the transformation in my son was unbelievable. He went from being a very unsettled baby with extensive weeping ezcema to a happy relaxed baby with no ezcema. It was a hard journey with a special diet and remedies but it was all so worth it. Dipti also provided so much support on some of the more challenging days. Over a year on he is still ezcema free and now eating a normal diet and no longer suffers from his food allergies either! I will always be eternally grateful to Dipti for what she has done for my family. Continuing that theme I would also recommend Dipti’s grief and counselling services. Having her skills in this area coupled with the homeopathic remedies really does make a winning combination. Even though I have had counselling in the past I learnt so much about myself on the heart recovery programme which has really helped me to unlock so many challenges I was facing. Thank you Dipti!
Janie Thorn

Dipti has helped myself and my family with various emotional and physical issues i.e. anxiety, sleep problem.She is friendly, empathetic and knowledgable and we always relaxed and comfortable during the sessions. I would and do recommend Dipti.
Karen Hood

Children, Anxiety and Sleep Issues

I took my daughter to see Dipti as she had trouble sleeping. She was waking during the night and performing a number of rituals to help her cope with bedtime. This has been gradually worse for the last four years and was affecting us all.

After three sessions with Dipti and taking her remedies my daughter is much calmer at bedtime, sleeps through the night and is generally less anxious with no more pre sleep rituals. Thank you so much Dipti, I am amazed at the difference in her!
K Hood

Care For All the Family

My son was born with a hole in his urinary tract and subsequently became so poorly that the hospital spoke to me about kidney failure. He did manage to keep both kidneys but his immune system was completely compromised. He then contracted every cough and cold going often resulting in chest infections. Our GP prescribed antibiotics time after time which seemed to make him worse. By the time he was about three I was so desperately worried I looked for an alternative route and thankfully I found Dipti. The results were amazing, within weeks I has a child who could breathe easily and was sleeping, his appetite had returned and he was truly well for the first time in many months. I have now been Dipti’s client for about 10 years. She has helped me through many difficult ailments physical and emotional and quite a difficult surgery. One of the biggest improvements I’ve seen is in my eldest son’s hay fever, he is a severe sufferer but by having his annual appointment with Dipti his symptoms are reduced by 70%, no problem is considered too minor or silly and her service, commitment and dedication is outstanding. I would not hesitate in recommending her.

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