Grief, Heartbreak & Hope Journal


If you have ever experienced the death of a loved one you will know the sense of helplessness, fearfulness and deep pain we can experience. It’s difficult to know where to start untangling or even making sense of what we feel. You will also understand the deep-rooted sense of feeling that there was so much more to say.

This guided journal will help you to express all of this with the help of all the prompts, it will also provide your heart with much-needed hope and healing affirmations through this process.

Product Description

Grief, Heartbreak and hope is an immersive & interactive experience. This journal will help you be with & move through your grief after the death of a loved one. It will gently lead you into your heart and guide you through a poignant & transformative inner journey.

This is perfect for anyone grieving the death of a loved one, whether it happened recently or years ago. It is a safe & reflective space where you can honour the sacred & often brutal journey of grief and start your healing journey.

Dipti Solanki is a certified Grief Coach & Transformational Life Coach. She helps people heal their hearts from any type of grief and loss they have experienced. Hearts that have been broken, lost faith, and hearts that are carrying so many scars from the past. She knows just how to help people discover who they truly are, beyond the pain and stuckness that they may be experiencing. Empowering people to heal, thrive and live a beautiful & meaningful life despite the painful life events & transitions they have experienced.

  • This 130-page Hardback Planner is 7″ x 10″.
  • Printed on bold white paper and with a book industry perfect binding and a beautiful matt cover, the crisp white paper has a quality that minimises ink bleed-through.
  • This book is suitable for pen or pencil.

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