How To Feel Sunnier On The Inside

Go somewhere you’ve never been before

This doesn’t have to be far away, just being in a different environment can help you to get a different perspective on things and lift your mood.

Learn Something New

Whether it’s trying out a new recipe, learning a new instrument or finding out what your dancing skills are like. Getting out of your comfort zone always creates a frisson of excitement that will lift your spirits.

Pay Someone A Compliment

Remember how it feels to receive a lovely message or phone call out of the blue to tell you how wonderful you are? Now it’s your turn, why not even compliment a complete stranger, their reaction will definitely make you smile!

Make Time For Your Dreams

Take time to dream and why not go as far as making a vision board? Go to town, draw pictures, write and create a beautiful board with dreams and visions which you can look at often and inspire yourself daily.

Go To Bed Early

At least once a week take yourself off to bed early, regardless of what still needs doing. Take with you a good book, your favourite drink and light a beautiful candle – bliss.

Make Some Plans

Make plans to go to a concert, walk along the Thames with someone you love, or even just plan a coffee with a friend! Good anticipation works wonders.

Buy Flowers For Yourself

This will brighten up your heart and home!

Express Gratitude

Simply writing down daily, all the things you are grateful for, will make you feel warmer inside. It can be anything, your warm bed, your family or a boss who doesn’t mind letting you go home early on a Friday.


Wishing you a sunny day whatever the weather!

With love,

Dipti x

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