My Week At Juicy Mountain

Many of you may have heard me mention ‘Juicy Mountain’, for those of you who haven’t, It’s a place I have returned to for almost seven years now. I actually have my friend Barbara to thank for calling me one morning and telling me she had found this place in Turkey and would I like to go!? That first year was a life changing experience for me.

It’s in Turkey and when we land at Dalaman airport we are collected and driven to Montenegro about an hour away to a mountain top retreat, this is where we stay for a week.

Every year that I return I have a completely different experience, meet some incredible people and I get to take stock of things.

One important detail is that we don’t eat any solid food (apart from the contraband provided by the ripe fig trees!) but instead we flood our bodies with incredible juices and smoothies for seven days. The transformations that can occur in this short time following this protocol are mind blowing.

This time round days one and two were tricky for me as I did experience some low level detox symptoms, but that was okay as I was in the right space to sleep and rest as my body needed. However, this didn’t stop me from taking part in the daily activities and there are quite a few to choose from!

On day three I hit my juicy high and could feel the mist lift! The surrounding on the mountain are just breath-taking and the way the retreat is set up there are plenty od corners you can hibernate in and have some space to yourself while enjoying the amazing vista.

I really value the time I spend alone and often in silence whilst I am there, I feel like I am unplugging from the craziness of the busy world and connecting to source.

My sister and our new friends made sure we went on our daily walks, lots of swimming in the natural spring water pool, yoga with the incredible Kenny and fitness with the goddess of Pilates, Juliet. Our last night was spent with the whole group gazing up at the stars, in silence on the yoga platform, it was truly magical.

There was another reason this trip was really special, the lady running this retreat, Victoria, was a client of mine years ago. I had mentioned the retreat to her (during this time she was a high flying city executive), so she visited. She fell in love with the place so much that she trained as a yoga teacher and now manages retreats and teaches yoga there too. So you see this special place really is a life changer in so many ways!

So I am now home, a few pounds lighter, but also lighter in my heart and soul. I am missing the incredible sunsets and having someone make my juices for me, however I have the reserves to keep going, until next year Juicy Mountain.


Dipti xxxx

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