Is it your time to heal?

Find the real reasons behind your anxiety, procrastination & playing small so that you can achieve what you truly desire in life!

In this free masterclass you will:

  • Discover the three biggest myths that prevent you from recovering from any kind of loss, trauma or grief
  • Understand you are not broken and that there is nothing wrong with you, you’ve just been given information about grief & healing that is unhelpful which keeps you stuck!
  • Understand how your unhealed wounds are casting a shadow on the life you truly desire
  • Recognise the emotional, physical and energetic effects of your emotional wounds
  • Be able to take back control of your life, stop procrastinating and step back into your life feeling empowered to live the way you’ve always desired and achieve what you truly want & deserve!


1:1 (3 Months)
Group (10 Weeks)

A three month journey of healing using my tried and tested Heart Recovery Framework®

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