The Wardrobe & the Heart



Most people are familiar with Marie Condo and her take on decluttering everything.

The proven theory is that clutter causes stress, it’s paralysing, it makes you feel like you don’t know what to deal with first and overwhelms you, it wastes your time, it’s unhealthy because it can collect dust and mildew and it makes you feel stuck!

You get the picture.

Clutter = Overwhelm

Now imagine all that clutter in your heart and mind.

Pretty sticky huh?!

Decluttering your life emotionally is just as important as that wardrobe.

The state of our emotional health really sets the tone for so much.

Firstly it will determine how much happiness we allow ourselves to experience, I mean to be really present & experience.

It determines how much we are able to remain open hearted and how much we trust.

It determines the state of our physical health.

It determines the amount of success we have in all areas of life.

For just like anything else in nature if we aren’t in balance things are never ‘quite right’.

We collect up things over the years that sit in our hearts and minds.

Lots of different types of losses.

They could be loss of dreams hopes and aspirations. They could be broken relationships, they could be death of a loved one, even a loved one you had a tumultuous relationship with. It could be financial loss, it could be divorce, it could be a betrayal it could be someone simply breaking your heart. Emotional abuse, sexual abuse, physical abuse, abandonment, rejection, miscarriages & so much more.

Now go back to that wardrobe that needs decluttering. So many old things that you have no use for anymore sit in it along with the new. You can’t shut the door anymore, and every time you have to open it it’s a huge pain and you want to shut it quickly as the thought of opening it and dealing with it all is just too much.

Well liken this to your heart, there is so much that sits in it unresolved. Creating a huge energy inside of you. One that creates all kinds of emotions.

Those emotions can be anxiety, depression, silent rage, explosive anger, addictions, constantly replaying the loss in your mind, apathy and numbness.


Well I can help you.

My grief course is just like an emotional decluttering.

We clear all the toxicity, all the pain, all the unresolved feelings. All the things you wish had been more than what they were, different to how things turned out or you wish hadn’t happened at all.

Please contact me if this speaks to you. If you’d like to know more about how I can help you declutter your heart and move through all that pain ?

(Psssst if you join the program this month you can take advantage of the current price before it goes up next month ☺️)

Dipti xx


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