All Grief is Complicated

There are many theories & models around grief, to help explain and understand it.

Within psychological theory one of the types of grief that are explained is ‘complicated grief’ – that is an ongoing and heightened state of loss, pain and intense emotions.

However, I truly believe all grief is complicated, regardless of the loss we have experienced. It may be a loss of a relationship, a job career or position, finances, health, child loss, fertility issues, divorce, estrangement from family, or even a loss of faith amongst so much more.

There is often so much we need to navigate beside the primary loss itself.

Our own fluctuating tidal wave of emotions.

Other peoples responses to our loss.

Past and often unhelpful conditioning.

Historical trauma and loss.

The type of or lack of support we receive V’s the judgement free space holding we need.

The practicalities we have to navigate with an activated & stressed nervous system.

Often we or others respond in ways we don’t recognise and expect. It can be a truly difficult and complicated road to navigate, especially when we are unequipped and in a state of shock and pain. So much can change suddenly and our levels of resilience and clear thinking are challenged.

As part of the healing process it’s vital we acknowledge this, so that when we are experiencing the harsh life events we are faced with, either during or in retrospect so we don’t end up making permanent decisions based on temporary emotions. Compassion, inner work and patience for ourselves and others – this all comes with experience and is often hard to see when we are in the eye of the storm.

We need space, stillness and the right information and guidance to untangle and process the grief we are faced with.

If you need support navigating any grief and loss you may be experiencing then do get in touch – you do not have to go through this alone.


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