Hay fever – Does it affect you?

boy has allergies from flower pollen


Hopefully we now have seen the back of bad weather for a while, and while most people will be happy to see everything in full bloom, for others comes a different type of misery. The itchy, sneezy, congestive kind!

Yes, we are about to enter hay fever season. Respiratory allergies are rapidly on the rise and astonishingly almost a quarter of the population suffers with some form of it, hay fever being one. Normally hay fever sufferers will enter into a cycle each spring / summer of anti-histamines, steroids and inhalers. Only getting temporary relief at best, and on days when the pollen count is particularly high, no relief at all.

I saw a young patient in clinic last week who had come for his final follow up treatment for hay fever. I have been seeing him since January to help desensitise his system to pollen and different grasses and also to help him build up his immunity and resistance to such ‘attacks’  by building the ‘good’ bacteria or microbiome in his gut. He and his Mum were happy to report that he had been on a Duke of Edinburgh expedition, trekking through fields, and whereas doing the same thing this time last year meant that he had to come home early because of his hay fever, this year he had no symptoms whatsoever. A great result I am sure you will agree!

There is a huge link between how your gut is functioning and the  likely hood of suffering with allergies like hay fever.  The allergies are just the symptoms, it’s important to look at the cause of the allergies. Is it bad diet, repeated use of antibiotics, over the counter drugs or have you inherited a susceptibility to allergies?

The good news is it’s still not too late this year to see me! A trained homeopath who can put together a tailored remedy program together for you. The starting point would be to de-sensitise against all pollens and grasses but also to give you remedies to replace the anti-histamines, steroids, decongestants and inhalers. Avoiding further damage to the body and all the associated side effects, whilst working on strengthening your gut and immune system. These would be your “acute’ remedies which you can use whenever you need them.

I can help you be hay fever free!

If you would like to know more about how homeopathy can help you or someone you know with their hay fever or other allergies, you can book in for your free 30 min introductory call or book an appointment to see me via my online calendar.

I can see you in person in my clinic in South Woodford  or if it’s more convenient we can work via Skype.

Thanks for reading!

With love,

Dipti xx


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