How Strong Are Your Foundations?

Foundation, Roots, Core, Bedrock, Base, Essence, Nucleus…

Centenarian tree

When I work with my clients be it in a homeopathic capacity or as a grief coach, one of my key aims is to get to the core of what they are experiencing. Whether its physical or emotional, my experience has shown me that everything that someones goes through, namely dis -ease in all it’s forms, has it’s roots in something that is going on underneath the surface.

We now largely live in a culture that is obsessed with dealing with the symptoms, and we can go on symptom chasing forever and yes there is now a pharmaceutical pill for every ill, but real healing is to be found when we look at the foundations. We need to look at the foundations and the roots of what has been laid down to understand the true nature of what is going on.


The symptoms that can show above ground can range from anxiety, high blood pressure, depression, thyroid issues, hormonal imbalance, allergies, IBS, fibromyalgia, respiratory ailments, skin ailments, autoimmune disease, chronic fatigue, cancer, or heart disease. This list is not exhaustive and all of these manifestations of disease can cause debilitating symptoms.

However it’s really important to understand that these are all rooted in the foundations of your physical and emotional health. Symptoms do not appear out of thin air, symptoms are your bodies way of speaking to you. I always remember the analogy given to us during my training days, taking a pill for every ill is the same as putting a plaster over the warning lights that show up on the dash board of your car.


The oil light comes on – cover it up.

The fuel need replenishing – cover it up.

The air pressure is low – cover it up.

The battery needs recharging – cover it up.

You get the picture 🙂

Eventually the car will stop working and breakdown completely.

A simplistic analogy I know, but you understand what I’m getting to, you need to deal with the root cause of what’s going on and not keep supressing with over the counter pills in order to truly heal and flourish.

So What Could Be Those Root Causes?

There can be so many ranging from us not meeting our basic nutritional and movement needs to emotional causes. Here are some:

Poor relationships
Lack of the right type of exercise
Unresolved grief
Lack of restorative sleep
Digestive imbalance
Poor diet
Structural imbalance
Belief systems that keep us stuck
Immune imbalance

It’s when we don’t address these root causes and strengthen our foundations that we live in fear and our world gets smaller. It limits what we do, where we go, what we dare to dream about and also what we are able accomplish during our time here.

We are designed by nature to evolve, grow, shed what we don’t need and expand into who we are truly meant to be. Physically and emotionally. When we suppress, we are fearful and we limit ourselves.

I invite you to look at your foundations, is there anything there that doesn’t serve you, anything you know you need to look at and heal? Are you symptom chasing or are you truly healing and evolving into the best version of you?

If there is something you need to heal, physical or emotional,  I can help, you can email with any questions or book in a free call or appointment here.

With love,

Dipti xxx


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