Christmas, The Grey Fox, Gaga & Joseph!

Christmas has taken on many different meanings for me through the years.
When I was at nursery and primary school we always had the school nativity and the exciting class Christmas parties to look forward to, my memory fails me but I distinctly remember landing the hugely coveted part of Mary or Joseph, I just can’t remember which one!
At home my family who were 1st generation immigrants, also threw themselves into the celebrations. While there wasn’t much of a religious significance we had the tree, my Dad would make sure we knew the story of Christmas and then would  sit us all down and make us write letters to Santa and I even got a reply one year. It was pure magic.
A time for lots of food, the family being together and one present each. The ones that stand out in my mind most clearly was the grey fox typewriter and my battery operated gorilla Gaga.
But I never really thought about how it was for my parents.
Fast forward to when I had my own children It was still magic. But it was up to us to create the magic…making sure they believed in the the magic of Santa. Christmas pyjamas, all their favourite foods, making sure we made them appreciate how lucky they were and how they didn’t get to write a list like some of their friends, just one thing each. Cooking for all the family, creating and upholding traditions. But thankfully we bypassed the naughty Elf one!
Now again, it’s different, the boys are grown up, it’s easier in a lot of ways in terms of not having the pressure to make sure it looked like Santa came and all the other jazz. But let’s face it there is still a lot of pressure! Pressure to make sure it’s a wonderful time, pressure to see the family you’ve not seen for ages, pressure to produce amazing meals, pressure to please, pressure to avoid those simmering tensions overspilling with people you’ve successfully managed to avoid all year because you are ‘busy’.
I just wanted to say it’s okay, and actually for most people it’s never ‘perfect’. And neither should we be looking for anything to be perfect. Like a friend said once, it’s just one day.
Let’s stop trying to create the magic of the perfect Disney Christmas and instead embrace whatever Christmas looks like for you.
For some of you it may be spending it on your own through choice – here’s to you!
Some of you may be dreading it because things have changed in your family dynamics, it’s going to be different and you don’t know how it will feel – here’s to you, you’ve got this.
Some of you may have to come face to face with someone you need to heal a lot of things around – I’m sending you so much love, remember not to react, stand in your truth and internal peace.
Some of you may be facing health issues which means Christmas has a whole new significance for you, I’m sorry I can’t imagine how you must be feeling.
For some of you this Christmas may hold the promise of the best Christmas ever – I’m so excited for you!
For some of you this may be the first Christmas since the death of a loved one – I send you so much love and make myself available for a chat, anytime during this period.
Just send me a message, I’m here to hold space for you.
I’m not sure what this Christmas holds for me and mine yet, but I would like to say to you, whether you will be celebrating or not, I wish for you a happy and peaceful time.
Remember not to put so much pressure on yourselves, what you’ve done is enough, YOU are enough. Expectations are planned disappointments anyway, so try to be easy with however it plays out, it’s okay, it really is.
With all my love,
Dipti xxxx

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