Is Grief Keeping You Stuck?

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I think about grief a lot.

Not only because I have experienced it on a very profound level, but also because I have now helped so many people with their grief and loss with Homeopathy and now with my Grief Coaching program.

My biggest mission is to help people to understand how emotional health is totally linked to your physical health, the two can never be separated.

Grief and loss hurt, so much. This deep pain can be felt after so many life events, death of a loved one, death of someone you didn’t love, a difficult relationship with a parent, the end of a romantic relationship, infidelity, emotional or sexual abuse, divorce, illness, the list is really endless.

Feeling the pain that comes with loss is part of the process, but staying stuck in that pain should not be.

You see, the thing is nobody actually teaches you how to deal with grief and loss, and this was my biggest revelation when I went through this coaching process almost twelve years ago.

The reality is grief doesn’t come in five neat stages, it’s actually messy and very confusing. It leaves you stuck in the past or incessantly worrying about the future. The truth is time does not heal any wounds, and ‘keeping busy’ and ‘being strong’ are not healthy options at all!

Signs That You May Be Stuck In Your Grief

  • The pain of your loss intensifies as time passes and you can’t bring yourself to think about it, or conversely you think about it all the time
  • A feeling of numbness around the loss
  • Depression and apathy, feelings of hopelessness and ‘I just can’t be bothered’
  • An avoidance of social situations
  • Low energy and weariness that just cannot be explained
  • You find it hard to find joy in the things you used to
  • Bouts of anger, rage and irritability
  • Anxiety and panic attacks
  • Addictions or doing anything in excess and the need to ‘keep busy’
  • The feelings of emptiness that just don’t go away
  • Feeling detached from everything and not knowing why
  • The feeling of being stuck in your head, your head literally has become a prison for you.

Do you resonate with any of these?

I Can Help

I offer a unique step by step Grief Coaching program which will help you to regain who you are and help you find your happiness and love for life again.

  • It will help you to understand why you feel as bad as you do, and you will make so many connections through the work. You will learn exactly what it is that keeps you stuck in your grief and pain of your loss, the answers may be different to what you assume.
  • You will emerge from your depression by working through the event or events that have caused your heart to break, whether it’s happening now or it is in the past. The process is a very unique one and works deeply and effectively.
  • This program will help you to understand the negative cycles of your behaviour. You know, the things you try so hard at but just don’t get the results and end up feeling like you are at square one, again and again.
  • The Grief Coaching will relieve you of all the pain of your loss. You do not have to live with the pain of you loss forever – honestly. It is totally possible to move past the heartbreak.

I will also use homeopathy during the journey where needed to support.

I offer a free 30 minute consultation, so take the brave step towards changing your life and book for a free call today to explore how this can work for you.

My heartfelt promise to you – this is life changing work,

With love,

Dipti xx

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