Staying Sane in the Eye of the Storm

I cannot believe it’s almost a month since I’ve written. It’s not for want of trying but things have been rather hectic. My lovely boy Dhru had an accident at sports day and unfortunately had to undergo surgery on his knee for the second time in nine months. So he is rather dependent on me at the moment. But thanks to family, friends and regular consignments of baked goods and chocolate he is making a good recovery and I have been able to keep working!

Staying Sane When Chaos Reigns
With all of this going on I did feel as if I would combust, worry, stress, juggling work and home and just wanting to drop everything and be by my son’s side. I will admit for a moment I didn’t know how I was going to cope, so the first thing I did was have a big melt down – sorry Dad! But this was completely necessary and completely normal.

I knew I needed a strategy to keep me sane and grounded.

1. Asking for help

I don’t find this easy at all! In my head I should be able to cope all alone. My meltdown (rather unusual for me) was a warning sign. It was a revelation how many offers of help I received once I opened myself to this.
2. Rediscovering Exercise

Because I’ve been so busy I have neglected this and apart from my morning dog walk I didn’t have any other exercise. So I have started going to the gym daily again, 6am you will find me there. I feel SO good afterwards and always wonder why I got out of the habit. A nice side effect has been dropping a few pounds but more than that I feel so good my head feels clear and focused, more movement is definitely the way forward!
3. Journalling

This has absolutely kept me anchored, something magical and space clearing happens when your transfer thoughts from your mind to paper. It helps to clarify, simplify and what comes out is sometimes surprising.  Buy yourself a beautiful notebook, something that is a pleasure to write in and just start writing, theres no magic formula, just let it flow.

4. Homeopathy

Homeopathic remedies are invaluable for helping to cope with emotions such as overwhelm and worry and just stress generally. I have been taking Ignatia and Nariyani Calming mix, quite frequently on some days!

I hope reading this has given you some ideas on how to manage your stress levels if you are going through something particularly trying at the moment – sometimes just everyday life can be too much to deal with.

If you need something deeper with  more direction and support you can always ask me for help. Call me to have a chat about how homeopathy or coaching can help you or  make an appointment through my online calendar. 

With love,
Dipti xxxx

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