My Baby’s Eczema & Homeopathy – A Client’s Story

Little boy sleeping in his mother's arms

When I first started practicing Homeopathy almost twelve years ago one of my first challenges was dealing with my youngest sons’ eczema. My husband and I were adamant that a natural route was all we were willing to consider for him. Happily by the time he went off to school he had beautifully clear skin thanks to  a combination of homeopathy, the right nutrition and supplements.

I am fortunate enough to work with many children and adults in my clinic who all suffer with varying degrees of eczema and below I am really happy to share a mothers account of her journey with her son’s eczema and homeopathic treatment with me


” I wanted to share a little bit about our journey with homeopathy and in particular with Dipti.  My son Albert has been an enigma since birth.  A largely unhappy baby filled with colic.  Alongside this he suffered with bad cradle cap, milk spots and then at 3 months old eczema on his face which then spread to his body.  He was diagnosed with a cows milk protein allergy and further to visits to a dermatologist and a paediatrician, diagnosed with a severe egg and dairy allergy.  The conventional treatments prescribed, anti-histimines, antibiotics, steroid creams and hydrocortisone creams never completely cleared his eczema.  Further, as advised it would only ever treat the symptoms and never treat the cause.  

As a second time mother with an unhappy baby, this was an unsatisfactory outcome.  I was bought up being treated homoeopathically and in particular my Mother’s eczema was cleared up completely after a course of homeopathic treatment.  I sought the advice and experience of Dipti, whose own son suffered with eczema as a child.  Not only does she have the skills to fully and completely treat my son, she is a tower of support and continued strength to me.  With a teething baby going through growth spurts and changes, there are constant new challenges and Dipti is only ever a phone call or email away.  This is all alongside our regular appointments.  
Since we have been seeing Dipti, Albert’s skin, mood and general demeanour has remarkably improved.  People even comment on how good his skin looks now and often cannot believe that it is down to a completely natural process.  The treatment plan is a complete care package, with homeopathic and homeobotanical remedies, and other natural remedies like pro biotics and even just looking at simple and effective diet changes that can all help the healing process.
Since seeing Dipti, the support she has given me as a mother has been vital and I feel like I am better able to cope with Albert and understand him and his needs better.  This also helps and supports Albert through his treatment.  It is still very early days but the improvements we have seen have been fantastic and I enjoy seeing Dipti as I know I am giving Albert the best start to his life and improving the quality of his life. Thank you Dipti!”
Janie Thorn 
It’s been an absolute pleasure working with Janie and her son and I look forward to continuing to do so until, like my son, her son is also eczema free.
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With love,
Dipti xx

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