Homeopathy for Injuries & Shock

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In our family we are no strangers to being injured as I am sure is that same for you and yours!

A few years ago I managed to break both of my arms at the same time, that was not fun. More recently my youngest son has injured his knee playing football  and has had to have surgery three times.

Now in all these instances we have had to have medical intervention but also there were aspects of the injuries that the the medical world could not help with. This is where homeopathy was totally invaluable.

Obviously injuries vary in severity, you can have minor cuts, bruises, burns and sprains at one end of the scale, and at the other broken bones, and other severe injuries which not only have a physical effect but also an emotional one.

I know that so many of my clients find it so empowering to have something they can draw on to deal with all of these things.

Did you know?

  • Arnica is best remedy for shock, bruising, sprains or trauma of any kind but its not the only one!
  • That emotional shock from an injury or trauma can sit in the system for years (and stop the body from working correctly) and homeopathy can help with this.
  • That homeopathy has a vast array of remedies that can help with the healing of soft tissue, cartilage and ligaments.
  • That the German football team use Homeopathy.
  • That you can have a bespoke set of remedies made up for your injuries.
  • That homeopathy can offer an alternative to strong painkillers and ant-inflammtories to deal with inflammation, pain and swelling without side effects.
  • Homeopathy can be used as a preventative and also to speed up healing.

If you’d like to be more prepared in the event of injuries then it’s a great idea to invest in a homeopathic first aid kit which comes with a great booklet advising you of when to use which remedies in a acute situation. If there is something you are dealing with that needs a more personalised bespoke approach then why not book in for a free call with me and discover how homeopathy can help you.

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