Top 5 Remedies That Will Help Treat All Babies & Mums Like Royalty

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I was with my family this weekend celebrating my niece’s 8th Birthday when the news of Baby Sussex being born was breaking. It was delightful to watch the excitement and sheer joy on Price Harry’s face. He just looked like a proud Dad revelling in it all. Bonus points for the nod to all the ladies out there!

As I watched him on our television screen, memories of my first boy being born 18 years ago came flooding back, especially the part when my husband, when handed the baby went walk about all over the hospital.  This is before our son had even been weighed!

Now I am sure baby Sussex has the best care available and no expense has been spared and all their needs have been thought about.

This got me to thinking about what really helped me in the first few days after labour. Anyone who has gone through this will know it can bring many challenges. The things that aren’t really spoken about. So I share below my top 5 Homeopathic remedies I would recommend that can prove invaluable in the early weeks. As the best care should not just be limited to royal babies!


It’s not called labour for nothing! It can be long, and it is hard work. Every sinew in your body is required in the effort to give birth. This remedy is fantastic on so many levels. For that bruised all over feeling and it also is invaluable to help stop bleeding and pain. Labour can takes it’s toll emotionally and depending on how it all plays out this remedy is brilliant for emotional shock. This also helps with vaginal tears


Mastitis is an incredibly painful and uncomfortable condition of the breasts when milk is ‘coming in’. Breasts can feel hot, swollen and painful and can sometimes be an obstacle to feeding the baby. Taking belladonna is a great natural way to help heal this, you can try Phytolacca also.


This remedy is so helpful in dealing with the pain from surgery for cesareans and also episiotomies, especially pain on sitting. Emotionally this remedy will help with any feelings of anger or humiliation Mum is experiencing ¬†after the birth, as those who have been through it it doesn’t always go to plan.


Invaluable in helping to heal infected wounds, sore nipples, and nappy rash. It can be taken orally or applied as a cream or a gel. it is safe to use on baby bottom or applied to the perineum to help healing.



This remedy can help women who are left feeling teary and emotionally sensitive after giving birth. It supports the fluctuations in the hormones and it’s really important to find a way to express what you are feeling.


I hope you found this useful, please do share and forward with anyone who may need to read this. I provide support for women through pregnancy and past part and so if you would like some bespoke care during this special time do drop me a line.

Thank you for reading,

Dipti xx







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