It makes so much sense that we turn towards SLERDs, or Short-Lived Energy Relieving Distractions such as food, TV, alcohol or shopping

Christmas has taken on many different meanings for me through the years. When I was at nursery and primary school we always

Foundation, Roots, Core, Bedrock, Base, Essence, Nucleus… When I work with my clients be it in a homeopathic capacity or as a grief

There is a common misconception that many people hold that grief is just about death, in actual fact bereavement and death are

My clients are the best ambassadors of my work, the wonderful Annika Souma Frey left this testimonial on Facebook   “Today I

            (This is my favourite picture of me with my Mum!)   So it occurred to me

  Most people are familiar with Marie Condo and her take on decluttering everything. The proven theory is that clutter causes stress,

Recently I shared a post on Facebook, I attached an article of my personal story which was featured in Happiful, the Mental

 Hello, how are you?   No I mean how are you really? I don’t know about you but when I was younger,

I was with my family this weekend celebrating my niece’s 8th Birthday when the news of Baby Sussex being born was breaking.

  In our family we are no strangers to being injured as I am sure is that same for you and yours!

One minute I was having a lovely meal with my new husband and friends and the next I was lying in a

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