I think about grief a lot. Not only because I have experienced it on a very profound level, but also because

Hello! I cannot believe it’s almost a month since I’ve written. It’s not for want of trying but things have been rather

When I first started practicing Homeopathy almost twelve years ago one of my first challenges was dealing with my youngest sons’ eczema.

A very warm hello to you! It’s so lovely that summer feels like it’s finally here and we can start to think

If you are struggling with Depression - I can help.

  Hopefully we now have seen the back of bad weather for a while, and while most people will be happy to

Amazing India

I joined Dad for the last 10 days of his trip and thought it would be a quiet few days, relaxing in

We all know those people in our life, the ones that when we walk away from spending time with them, we just

”It can be as if your mood turns grey as well as the skies above”. A lot of people struggle around this

When I tell people what I do I often get puzzled looks or people being polite and nodding because they are too

Last week I had a call which really made me smile. “Dipti, I just wanted you to know that I slept for

I’ve been on a fascinating journey over time learning all about the gut. Through my case work in clinic with clients, I

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